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July 31, 2001
Realtree Hardwoods® And Hardwoods Green Featuring Bill Jordan's New High Definition™ Process
Columbus, Georgia - Realtree® introduces the next step in camouflage evolution - Realtree Hardwoods® and new Hardwoods Green, created using Bill Jordan's amazing new High Definition™ (HD) process. The HD process produces the most incredibly realistic camouflage patterns ever. Using this process, Realtree can print extremely detailed camouflage patterns, and achieve results that are nearly identical to the original digital artwork. Without question, the new HD process sets the standard for all future camouflage applications. Realtree's HD update of the Hardwoods pattern makes the pattern come alive with incredibly realistic and three dimensional graphics. In addition, new Hardwoods Green gives hunters the "season and region" option so many have requested. While both Realtree Hardwoods and Hardwoods Green work exceptionally well year-round, hunters may find one to be preferable over the other in certain areas or as the seasons change. As a general rule, the leafier, greener Hardwoods Green works best from early through late fall, then from mid to late spring. In most instances, the more open Realtree Hardwoods is most effective from late fall through winter, then in the early spring. In some situations, hunters may want to use both patterns at the same time to better conceal their outline. Realtree Hardwoods and Hardwoods Green. As good as camouflage gets. No matter when or where you hunt.
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